Luwero Project
Flavia, the live in nurse is fully trained and very experienced and provides 24/7 health care for 800+ school children at the school where the clinic is located plus staff and individuals from the local community. Gilead has provided Rommie with a car which is available to take a child (or anyone else from the community) to hospital for emergency care or treatment. Since the clinic opened in 2000, the incidence of severe malaria has dropped dramatically. Flavia can identify the disease quickly using blood tests and administer drugs to prevent the disease escalating. Children with HIV can be monitored and treatment given and taken to hospital if necessary. St James church in Coventry sponsors the nurses wages and Gilead supplies the maintenance and equipment for the clinic eg. bedding, fans, mosquito nets etc.

Gilead Community Hall
This is a very large building intended to accommodate health seminars, courses and local community events and celebrations such as weddings. It took 10 years to complete and our vision is that it will be a self sustaining resource for the local community.