Gifts for Gilead

A great way to show your friends how much you care
If you wish to buy a gift as a present for someone (very useful at Christmas or birthdays!) or just make a one off gift yourself to the children, select one or more of the following gifts and complete the order form at the bottom of the page.

We will then send you the relevant gift card to send to your friend(s). The gift will be delivered via our partners in Luwero who will take a photograph of the delivery which we will send to you.

Porridge for the Class – £5
For most children in rural areas of Uganda, a warm bowl of porridge in the morning at school is a very welcome source of nourishment as they may not have had anything since the previous day.

This gift would buy enough maize meal to support, not just one child for a day, but the whole class for a week!

Chickens for the Elderly – £5
There is no social care system in place in Uganda that can take care of the elderly and many have lost the support of family through war and disease, making it extremely difficult for them to make ends meet.

This gift will give a needy elderly person access to fresh eggs which they can either eat or sell on for other items.

Groceries for Grandparents – £10
As much as we are a charity that predominantly helps children, it is only right that we find ways to help the generation that is often left to look after those children orphaned of either one or both parents.

This gift helps to stock the larder but also acts as a morale booster for this generation that has been through so much and still has to carry so much responsibility.

Health & Clinic Supplies – £15
We have built and supported a medical clinic at the 'African Outreach Academy' in Luwero, Uganda, since 2000. Our full time nurse has treated more than 12,000 children in that time.

This gift will help to keep the clinic supplied with the many consumable items and medicines necessary to deal with Malaria and Typhoid, as well as the coughs, colds, cuts and bruises familiar with the care of children.

School Equipment – £25
Education is the gateway to a better future for children from a poor rural Uganda but is a relatively expensive affair with school classrooms being absent of all the stuff that we take for granted here at home.

This gift will provide pens, pencils and exercise books for a whole classroom of children and improve their opportunities to learn.

Order Form
Just select a gift item(s), complete the form and press 'Submit'.

In the interest of security, we will then contact you regarding payment details and arrange to send you the relevant 'Gift Cards' for you to send on to your friends. Your gift(s) will be delivered to Luwero, Uganda and we will contact you later to confirm delivery.

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