Children We Have Helped

Here are the stories of some of the children we have helped

Susan was one of the first children sponsored. She worked very hard at school and went on to university to qualify as a teacher. She now teaches, has a child of her own and in turn she sponsors a child herself. Susan’s siblings have also been sponsored and all have gone on to further education and successful careers.

Moses lives with his grandmother and sister who is also sponsored. Moses dropped out of school in his early teens in order to find building work to support the family. Gilead was able to get him back to school and then sponsor him through college for 2 years while he completed a building construction course. We also supported his grand mother while he was gone with regular food hampers. Moses can now take his place as an adult in society as a qualified builder and can support his grand mother and sister.
Letitia is our youngest sponsored child. She comes from a 1 parent family and has been sponsored at nursery school for over a year now. Her sponsorship will continue for as long as she needs it, hopefully into further education so that she will have a good career.

Grandmothers (Jajas)
Some of our children live with elderly grand parents as their own parents have died from HIV or other diseases. This puts a terrible strain on the grand parents as they no longer can work and raising young children is demanding. In order to support these families, we are now giving them regular food hampers of basic groceries such as rice, sugar, beans, lentils. This enables the families to stay together and meet their basic needs.

How do I become a sponsor?
To discuss the children available for sponsorship, simply get in touch using the contact details below