Child Sponsorship

One of the ways you can help African Children, is through supporting a childs education
This provides a more personal relationship and helps to focus on an individual, rather than the overwhelming problems of Africa. By supporting a child you support the teachers and the school, which in turn benefits many others.

How are children selected?
The most needy children are identified through various local community sources, such as teachers, charity staff and community leaders. Most of the children selected will have been orphaned or abandoned by one or both parents, and/or be living in extreme poverty.
What are the Costs?
We ask people to pay £25 per month for as long as their child is in education. Most children will be day students and some full time boarders at their school and will therefore receive food and upkeep as well as their education. A small amount is deducted and covers the cost of administration in Uganda.
What commitment is expected from the sponsor?
We recognise that from time to time peoples personal circumstances change and sponsors can no longer commit to the payments. In these cases we simply say thank you for what you have contributed!
What commitment do we give the children?
Life is tough for a poor African child and disappointments in life are many, but we aim to help as many as possible reach their full potential. We therefore endeavour to see children through up 'O' Level and in some cases, University or vocational training, such as building and catering. Our other fundraising activities help towards the extra costs of higher education.

How do I become a sponsor?
To discuss the children available for sponsorship, simply get in touch using the contact details below